Saturday, 1 April 2006

What to do next?

With genetics done, and a bit more confidence in my abilities, the course material, and starting to work out how everything came together at the OU, I looked around to see what else I might tackle.

There are quite a number of science short courses that are of a similar length to the SK195 one.
I had a look at what was on offer.

Quite a number - but I needed one that started in May. Also after considering the speed I did the SK195, I probably ought to be able to manage two at the same time.
So - after a bit of deliberation, I picked the S196 Planets: An Introduction course, and the S193 Fossils and the History of Life courses.

Also at this time - I looked at the various degree options and what these courses could count for - if anything! It was soon obvious that to get any science named degree it required the basic science foundation course S103 Discovering Science and the associated residential school SXR103 Practising Science.
The main course didn't start until September, but it said you could take the residential course without it. So that's what I decided to do. After all - there are only 3-4 residential weeks in a year, so you have to measure those carefully if you want a degree in a short time.

So - a new plan for the rest of 2006.
Planets and Fossils short courses, then the residential school, then see what the options are. Probably S103.