Thursday, 23 December 2010

Results - and a degree

The results came out. Its now a week ago as I write.

I had predicted what I might get, and I was pretty close to the mark mostly. However evolution scored a grade higher than I expected, whilst the others were where I thought they might be. As such, this means I have all the courses and grades necessary for a degree. The OU web page popped up a  link saying would I like to accept the degree, and I clicked on it - as I couldn't improve on it.

So there we have it - I got my degree, I can now call myself

B. Sc (Hons) Life Sciences (Open)

It's still sort of sinking in.

I was convinced I wouldn't get the results I needed (and it was a pretty close run thing), so I'd already signed up for another course, which I will do anyway - as it looks interesting (SD329). It's also the last year of the level 2 residential courses in science 2011, so I signed up for the astronomy residential. The last chance to take a trip to Majorca to stay up all night with a telescope for a week.