Monday, 30 November 2009

S377: Molecular and Cell Biology - Arrival

The next course arrives - it doesn't start until February, but I'm doing two courses together, so I'm glad of the head start. This is only the first of two mailings, but has some good stuff in it.
What you get is:
  • Book 1 - From molecule to cell
  • Book 2 - The Dynamic Cell (Vol 1)
  • A Bookmark with some useful data about amino acids on
  • A ring binder
  • A ring binder insert with pretty picture and title
  • A set of folder dividers
  • A glossary
  • An introduction and guide
  • A study skills pack for books 1 and 2
  • A DVD containing molecular modelling programs, movies and other bits
Notable by their absence is a calendar, TMAs and the normal OU computer disk.
All looks nice and shiny, and I'm ready to go having not had any assignments to do for the last month or so. However as the course site doesn't open for a while yet, there are no assignments to contemplate, just books to read and exercises to do.