Saturday, 26 August 2006

To S103 or not to S103 - that is the question

After my time at residential school - in fact on the last morning I wondered aloud to the course director if I should take S103 or not.

On the plus side, it would be good experience working in a more long term course, TMA (tutor marked assignments) and having a tutor would all be good experience.
I had looked into the idea of credit transfer, but for that it needed certain documents to show what I already had, and although I could probably find my degree certificate within a day or two of rummaging, the details of the modules and courses I did I don't think I have any record of.

On the other hand, I ought to be able to do the course quite easily, having done a science degree and having found the other courses I'd done at level one not too hard. And then again it was like £560 pounds to do it - not the sort of sum you casually toss around on a whim.

In the end, I decided to do it. My geology and chemistry were a little weak, I wasn't sure how much biology and physics I might have forgotten, and I had a feeling that doing things the OU way would be useful.

The deciding factor was that in September, none of the level 2 courses I was interested in were running, they all started in the following February. So, I decided I'd sign up, get the 60 points on offer (hopefully). I'd also work hard to get as far ahead as I could, and if things were going well, I could sign up for a course in Feb to run parallel with the 2nd half of S103.

It seemed like a plan.