Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SD329: TMA-4

The final TMA.

Three questions.
The first one is the big one though, as it has 50% of the marks. We have to write an essay, of no more than 1500 words(!) on mechanoreceptors and their use in proprioception. Also it needs to include body image and body schema. I don't like essays much. This seems to have been reflected in my marks, although I think I made a fair stab at it.

Question 2 - we look at some images of rat glomeruli, when labelled with radioactive substances, and look at the uptake when exposed to three compounds. We have to comment on the similarity and differences in the compounds, the patterns shown in the glomeruli, and then bring it together by saying whats happening here with known mechanisms of odourant coding. I found this one a bit difficult to answer well. Not really sure what was being looked for outside of the obvious.

Question 3 - pain - and how Ibuprofen, codeine and amitriptyline work, where they work and what side effects they have.

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