Thursday, 17 December 2009

S366: Evolution - arrival

Well guess what arrived just now! I checked the site only yesterday, and it said it wasn't scheduled to start being delivered until next month, but here it is - and a heavy box full it is too!

So - what do you get in this box?
  • Text book - Evolution by Futuyma - which accounts for most of the weight!
  • A companion book to the text book
  • A bookmark with some handy diagrams on
  • An introduction and guide to the course
  • A practical booklet
  • A TMA form - hoping these are eTMAs.
  • A DVD pack
  • Checklist and Welcome note
Its quite a tome is old Futuyma, I don't know how much of it we'll have to read!
Anyway - something to do over the holidays, as if Christmas, kids parties and stuff weren't enough.