Monday, 18 December 2006

S103: Block 5 - Energy

Block 5 - and the subject and title is Energy.

Its all the stuff you might expect. What is energy, what is power, work. What units do they use, and how do you calculate it.
It covers most basic forms of energy such as the Sun, gravitational potential energy, and stuff like the latent heat of vaporisation.

There are quite a few equations in this book, but the good news is its only 67 pages long! I managed to do most of this book while lying in bed with a thick cold. I know a number of people found this book a little harder than the rest of the course so far. Its perhaps the maths and the scary looking equations, although really they are not that bad.
The course is often described as starting nice and easily, and then the content starts to ramp up, and this is perhaps the first indication things are getting quicker and deeper.

The associated TMA, TMA-4 is split between block 4 and this block. There are 3 questions on block 4.
A question about k and r species.
Another question about food webs, net productivity and so on where you have to calculate biomass increases.
Then a 250 word paragraph about species on the Galapagos islands.

Then a question on specific heat capacities with a few calculations.
Finally a question about kinetic and gravitational energy.

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