Saturday, 10 February 2007

S204: Tutorial

First tutorial for S204 - and although its close by it takes me a while to find the actual location.
When I do there is only one other student and the tutor, and that turns out to be all that attend.

The tutorial starts off with a simple test of logic problems, like
"There is a house with four windows. There is one window on each side of the house. All the windows face South. A bear runs in front of one of the windows. What color is the bear?"
Its a trick question - the bear is white as the only place the house can be is on the north pole. The idea was to get you thinking and looking carefully at the question. A lot of people loose marks by not reading the question fully or answering a different question to that written.

The tutor also went over that most scary of prospects, the exam, what parts there were, what you had to do, what was optional etc.
Then a quick bit of practice at writing a precis of an article, and finally he talks through the statistics we will be using, which is largely the student t-test.
The tutorial is very useful, not from a gaining knowledge perspective, as much as the tricks of the trace answering exam and TMA questions.

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