Saturday, 21 July 2007

SXR270 - day1

Its daaaay 1 in the SXR270 residential house.

I arrived at about 11:30 and got myself registered. The family had come with me to see what it was like. It was all a bit weird. I was in Cripps Hall where I spent 3 years as an undergraduate. What's more, I'm in D-block, which was where I lived, and I was almost in the same room!
Things haven't changed much in the past 20 or so years either. The rooms look the same, the doors now have keycodes on the outside but otherwise it all looked very familiar.

We decided to take lunch in the dinning hall at Cripps and that hadn't changed much either!
Even the bar looked much the same, though it now had TV's in it.

After the family left, I had a little time to get my bearings and a cup of coffee then it was off to the medical school, a 10-15 min walk to have the introductory briefing. After that we went with our group and activity tutors to the lab we would be starting in. The group was spilt into two so we had a group tutor each - Rachel for us. We also gained a second dot at this point to distinguish the two subgroups. After we'd had a few things explained we had to introduce ourselves and get to know out colleagues a bit.

Then back to hall for tea.

After tea, we had a briefing on experiments, hypotheses and then on energy production and experimental procedure. It all went pretty well and the S204 material really helped understand the details. So tomorrow we are going to look at ATP production in various cell types and see if we can tell the difference between ATP production in muscle and skin based on oxygen consumption.

Retire to the bar for a drink or two and a bit of socialising. Day finished!

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