Monday, 20 August 2007

S204: Book 6 Animals

The last book!
Finally getting to the end of the course, and another 270 pages to read. Its not quite what I expected for a book with this title.

The first chapter is about diversity of invertebrates - ok fair enough. Then we move onto insects and similar things, which are invertebrates too. Next its parasites, and some of the pictures are enough to turn you off the whole subject!
Then we're onto vertebrates - you know, mammals, reptiles, fish - but it focuses mainly on their tissue types and how these are used by different things.
Finally a chapter on the molecular biology of the vertebrate and its evolutionary passage.

It sort of covers most of the things I think such a book should, but it sort of sneaks up on them. Nothing is covered in much detail really. I mean, its covered ion much more detail than most people would know about, but somehow it all seems to go by so fast. Eyes, nose and taste are covered, but not things like livers and kidneys. The blood system is covered, but not the heart.

Still - its getting towards the end of the course, and its good that there isn't too much else to remember for the exam.

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