Monday, 8 October 2007

S204: Mock exam

One of the later items you get shiped in the course is the specimen exam paper. This is an example exam paper together with answers that you can do yourself to get a feel for the exam.

I did it today, under exam like conditions - 3 hours, just pen/pencil/calculator and me.

Its quite an interesting exercise, in a masochistic sort of way. I did reasonably OK on it, and I hadn't looked at it before hand to make it as reasonable as possible.
I did ok on the first part where I found enough question (9/12) to answer that I could manage. Lost a few marks here and there, but no disasters.

Part B there seems to be a preponderance of fungi related questions which always brings me out in a rash. Not nearly as well done there, dropping about half the available marks.

Then the data analysis section. Not terribly well done there either - getting just over half marks. I'm quite hard on myself when marking my own work I find. I need to write down more of the obvious conclusions I think, and not get too detailed.

The essay I picked was on water transport. I wrote about 6 pages on this, and I think covered everything pretty much. I imagine I'd loose a few marks here - you always do on essays, there are few occasions you can possibly get full marks.

So - well not a disaster - I would have passed the course, but I'd have like to have done better.

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