Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A frenzy of course decisions

Its getting nearer to the next start date for courses, and with only the A251 on the go at the moment I'm looking for what to do next.

First, there are the 3rd level biology residential courses. If I want a biology degree, I have to take two of these, and the places fill up fast. So I booked at 7:30am on the opening day via the internet to ensure my place. So that's one down, SXR376 Molecular basis of human disease, but it is not until next July. To go with that I settle on a particular 3rd level main course, S320 - infectious diseases, which I think should be interesting and possible.

In the meantime, I'm missing my science, so I signed up for the short course on astronomy, S194.

This way leads madness as I find there is a certificate in astronomy which involves using radio telescopes at Jodrell Bank, and another certificate that includes a couple of courses I was interested in. Oh dear, I could be here for many years at this rate!

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