Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A251: Counting down to the ECA

Its the 4th and last part of the course. It depends now why you are doing the course. If you've got a burning interest in the material then there is lots to read. If on the other hand you're doing it for the points, or you're suffering Human Past fatigue, or you just want to be free over Christmas - then the ECA is the goal to be aimed at. As such, it is not really clear how much of the chapters left to be read have any use for the ECA questions.

The questions, to which you need to write 2,500 words worth of answers to one of are:
  1. How has demographic increase affected the development of human societies?
  2. In the archaeological record, what has happened when cultures have met?

So its not immediately obvious why reading several pages and online articles discussing rock art will help you much with either of these.

I think I'm going to pick the 2nd of the two, as TMA-3 has already given a few examples to consider. The Human Past, for all its size, is quite light in details on some of the civilisations that might be considered. It has very little on the Persians, and not a great deal more on the Inca.

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