Wednesday, 5 March 2008

S320: Book 2 - Infectious Agents

On to book two. This looks at all things infectious. The work done in S204 is a good grounding for this, and there is some new information for me, but quite a bit is revision.
It looks at various infective agents (as the title implies)
  • Bateria -types of bateria such as gram positive/negative. What makes them virulent, and what sort of infections they produce and a bit about combating them.
  • Viruses -similar stuff to bacteria. It considers the various types of virus and how they work and what they do to you.
  • Prions are next, and apart from a history and some general comments about BSE and so on there isn't a huge amount ot say about them.
  • Then on to protoctist, what use to be protozoa and are also known as protoists. Basically mostly single cells eukaryotic cells that can infect.
  • Fungi are next, considering things like thrush and athletes foot.
  • Finally the bigger parasites, such as tapeworms and roundworms and the flukes.
So this book basically considers the range of things that cause infection and disease, with one or two rather yucky photographs included.

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