Wednesday, 1 October 2008

S282: CMA

This is the last bit of coursework for S282, and it doesn't actually matter. Its informational to give you practice in filling in a Computer Marked Assignment, which is what will have to be done in the exam.

There are 12 questions in all, each with several possible answers - typically A-H. Sometimes there is just one right answer, sometimes two or three. The questions vary across the whole spectrum of the course, and are pretty tough in places.
Some get you to do a calculation and see if there is an answer that matches. Sometimes these are a little tricky, like working out energy and some of the answers are in joules, and some in electron-volts. So you have to calculate both potentially.
Others try and catch you out - asking you which is a true statement out of the 8 given. However at first glance at least 4 of them look correct, and then its looking for detail words like all, or always. These are sometimes a giveaway like "All stars of the mass of the Sun have the same luminosity".
Anyway, it takes a while but it got there. So now - just the scary exam.

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