Monday, 22 December 2008

S205: Book 5 - Chemical kinetics and mechanism

Book 5 is all about reactions and how they work. Yet again its a split book.

Part 1 is about rates and involves a lot of graph plotting and analysis. We get to use some graph plotting software which makes finding gradients to curves nice and easy, but you have to plot quite a few graphs of varying stuff.

Part 2 looks at substitution reactions, and we get to look at nucleophhilic reactions and how they work. This is quite interesting as it shows right at the molecular level some of what is going on when two things react, and how electrons move around the molecule. Some of them work in single steps, and some in more complex steps, and often you can work out whats going on by looking at rates and products.

Part 3 then looks at elimination reactions, which have some similarities with the substitution ones.

Finally there is a cased study on zeolites and what they can do for you and makes for interesting reading.

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