Sunday, 6 September 2009

S171: Empire of the Microbe

So another short course, to fill in a 10 point degree shaped hole.
This is a new course, first presentation. A scary prospect if there is an exam involved, but this is just the normal ECA so I feel confident.
What you get is
  • Empire of the Microbes course book
  • A DVD with a digital microscope flashg application and some videos
  • A study guide
  • An assessment handbook
  • A how to get help guide
All the rest is provided online, which due to a late sign up and some gremlins I've only been able to glimpse a couple of times before it declares me persona non-gratia. Anyway, the book looks up to the usual excellent OU standard, but with a TMA, an exam, and the S170 course to do, its getting scant attention so far.

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