Sunday, 9 May 2010

S377: TMA-1

The first TMA of the course - and its a long time until the submission date. Given I started the reading before Christmas, the April submission date is a long way in, and I've read past most of the relevant material, so some rereading is required.

So there are 5 questions to answer.
Question 1 is about enzyme structure. It looks at a kinase and you have to make some general comments on structure, domains and function.

In Question 2 we have to look at a 3-d molecular model and identify and measure parts of it. There are also tasks to perform. Also required is to include an image of the enzyme active site.

Question 3 simply gives you some concentration data and asks you to work out the equilibrium dissociation coefficient of a ligand and its receptor. The question is a little sparse as it doesn't really give much guidance on what is wanted in the answer except the value.

Question 4 is about SDS-PAGE and requires you to run gels on the computer simulation with a number of kinases and antibodies to work out what the results tell you.

Question 5 is all about reading scientific literature. You are given a piece of writing and then have to make sense of it and answer a number of questions about what its conclusions are.

Not a bad TMA in some ways - but a little disappointed with the mark I get.

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