Thursday, 23 December 2010

Results - and a degree

The results came out. Its now a week ago as I write.

I had predicted what I might get, and I was pretty close to the mark mostly. However evolution scored a grade higher than I expected, whilst the others were where I thought they might be. As such, this means I have all the courses and grades necessary for a degree. The OU web page popped up a  link saying would I like to accept the degree, and I clicked on it - as I couldn't improve on it.

So there we have it - I got my degree, I can now call myself

B. Sc (Hons) Life Sciences (Open)

It's still sort of sinking in.

I was convinced I wouldn't get the results I needed (and it was a pretty close run thing), so I'd already signed up for another course, which I will do anyway - as it looks interesting (SD329). It's also the last year of the level 2 residential courses in science 2011, so I signed up for the astronomy residential. The last chance to take a trip to Majorca to stay up all night with a telescope for a week.


Simon said...

Well done and congratulations on your success.

And thankyou for a very interesting and inspiring blog.

Have you any plans for another degree??

Codec said...

I doubt another degree - but who knows. However there are a few courses I still have my eye on!

Anonymous said...

I will start S204 in Jan 2011 for what will then be a former life science degree.
I find your blog very interesting and detailed. For me it is very effective in dispersing the fog I see when I try to figure out what my nex courses will be like. Thank you and, good work!

Arnold said...

Congrats :))

I for one am hoping that you'll keep plugging away if only for the incredibly selfish reason that I find your comments on the courses far more helpful in deciding if there's any chance of me being able to do them than the OU comments.

Are you going to be there in Nottingham in July again? It was weird to find a couple of days into SXR270 that you were blogging as a tutor and me as a student!