Sunday, 20 March 2011

SD329: Book 1

Book 1 actually contains the first two blocks. That is:
Block 1 - Introduction to the senses 
Block 2 - The sensory nervous system.

The first block is a general introduction to the senses, it goes through the senses in overview and gives a taste of what will be coming up in the course. It coves a number of optical and other illusions that show how our senses can be fooled, a theme that reoccurs throughout the course.

Block 2 is more detailed, and goes into how the nervous system works. From the basic functioning of nerves and neurons, to the sensory apparatus that triggers things like touch and pain. It also covers the general layout of nerves in the body, what goes where, how they are interconnected. Afferent and efferent, which I'm destined to get mixed up through the rest of the course.
It then finishes with a chapter devoted to imaging the brain, which takes us through the basics of EEG, SQUIDS, PET and fMRI.  So Not a bad introduction, and a taste of what's to come.

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