Tuesday, 1 May 2007

S103: Block 11 - Universal Processes

I must admit I didn't spend too long on this block. I'd done all the required TMAs, so this block was only for interest, to see what had changed in physics.
Its quite interesting though, it goes through a lot of cool physics, like discussing the 4 forces, how the universe came about and other cosmic theories.

In the TMA which I didn't do, there are the following questions
Question 1 relates to an experiment that you had to do as part of chapter 7, in which you have to write it up formally, and do some question associated with it. They are all related to determining energy levels of atoms.

Question 2 gets you to calculate forces between elementary particles and draw diagrams of interactions between certain collisions.

Question 3 is about the Hubble expansion law, and red/blue shifting of galaxies.

Question 4 looks at black body radiation and ends with a sub question on the open/closed universe question.

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