Saturday, 5 May 2007

S204: Book 3 Part I

Onwards to book 3, which is so large (498 pages) that they had to split it into two parts. For me this is the good stuff of the course. Its molecular and cellular processes, and its the stuff I like.

Part 1 looks at the following topics:
  • Cells and tissues
  • Proteins: structure and catalytic function
  • Membranes and transport
  • Metabolism
  • Making ATP
There is also a DVD animation to go with this, mostly relating to the ATP section. I found it all very interesting, though quite hard work. There is a lot of detail, and a lot of new terms to remember. The section of enzyme kinetics and reaction rates with their characteristic graph shapes and Michaelis–Menten and Eadie-Hofstee plots is all a bit daunting. I find out later on that such things are very common exam questions too - eeeekkk!

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