Thursday, 5 April 2007

S204: TMA-2

Time to tackle TMA-2. I got a reasonably good mark for TMA-1, so some of my nervousness about level 2 faded. However TMA-2 was here, and oh look - another essay to do! The rest of the TMA is a write up of the experiment done in experimental week 1.

Question 1 is the write up question. You have to write up the experiment as though it was a scientific paper with all the sections. Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and References. They also give quite tight word counts for each section, and an overall word count to limit you. Also required are diagrams, two graphs with error bars, a set of tables and the results of the statistical analysis together with the confidence rating of the result from the t-test. It takes a number of goes to put all this together and lay it out in a reasonable way, and to keep within the word counts.

Question two is an essay "How different species trade-off the allocation of resources in varying ways to maintain essential activities". It focuses attention on various trade offs, but is a bit of a broad subject. It covers a number of book two topics including longevity, food supplies, surviving the winter. However you can bring in so much stuff to this topic is more difficult knowing where to stop.

Anyway, after a few weeks tweaking, changing and fiddling I posted it off, and got a better mark than my first one, so I was pleased with the results, but it took an awful lot of time to put this TMA together.

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