Thursday, 20 September 2007

A251: TMA-1

Its onwards to the first TMA.

We have on the way to this event an e-tutorial. This is a tutorial conducted online. The tutor suggests a topic, and we are to each write about 100 words on it. In this case it was what theory do you think started agriculture, and why.
I didn't spend too long on this, despite being the first to post. I see the evidence as not very conclusive as given in the course, and suspect the reasons are probably many and varied. Besides I need to revise for an exam, so I rather skim it.

Then the TMA - it is in three parts.

Part 1 you need to write 500 words on the agricultural development in SE Asia, and describe the main theories.

Part 2 you write 500 words on agricultural development in either SW Asia, Mesoamerica or North America based on the book text and how the theories might apply. I picked North America.

Finally part 3 requires a compare and contrast 500 words on part1/part2.

Lots of references are required to support the arguments. Now I'd been struggling with bibus as referencing software, and in many of the S204 essays I'd just hand typed references eventually as I had a few problems with bibus locking up. I did take a look at the software (as its open source) wondering if I could upgrade it, but decided I didn't really have the time. I looked around for alternatives. I came across zotero which blew me away! It integrates directly with firefox, will pick up references directly from things like wikipedia, amazon, pubmed and so on with a single click. It has a word plugin to export references and bibliographies directly to word.
You can even drag and drop wiki format references into wiki-pages. It's just brilliant. It needs some work to support other reference styles, and a way of sharing data - but that is being worked on. Its the future I tell you!
Anyway, its my new best friend for these TMA's.

This course uses the eTMA system, so I will be uploading the written document using it.

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