Wednesday, 26 September 2007

S204: Revision day

A day of revision to prepare for that dreaded exam...

It started off gently enough with PP giving a general talk on exams and how to revise for them. He looked at various strategies and what was useful and what wasn't. He was against question spotting, meaning revising answers to specific questions that seem to come up - as you get that sinking feeling when they don't. Rather revise common themes that come up. He also told us to make revision fun - so I started a quiz on the FC forum.

Then it was into S204 revision class with CM, which went well, but I think a number of us came out realising we knew less than we thought we did! We covered long questions, data interpretation, and enzyme/membrane kinetics. Another graph drawn helped lock in the v/S stuff a little more.

Over lunch it was back to PP and how to deal with data interpretation questions. You can't revise for these, you have to know how to use the skills you've learnt. Anyay we tried a couple of examples, and learnt to use the clues in the questions.

After this, back to more S204 specifics with GL. He had a few tricks to share with us, things like learning certain diagrams that were adaptable to multiple questions. Also learning specific organisms that could be trotted out as examples. Then we went through a number of example short answer questions and discussed answers and where the marks might be.

All in all very useful. Not exactly feeling confident about the exam, but feeling it is possible.

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