Friday, 11 January 2008

S320: Starting

The S320 Materials arrived on the same day as the S282 - which do I pick first! Both boxes were about the same size, so no help there! Anyway, on investigation the S320 box contains:
  • An A4 folder
  • A folder insert for the course
  • A study calendar
  • A welcome note
  • A course guide
  • Book 1 - Pathogens and People.
  • Book 2 - Infectious agents.
  • A bookmark for Book 2
  • Book 3 - Immunology.
  • A bookmark for Book 3
  • A large DVD pack about immunology
  • A DVD about syphilis
  • A syphilis case study booklet
  • A tuberculosis case study booklet
  • A cholera case study booklet
  • A Malaria CD
  • A CD reference library
  • 2 PT3 forms
You also have to send off for a couple of extra CDs about tuberculosis and AIDS/HIV, which is a little strange as usually everything comes together.

All in all it looks quite a list of rather dodgy topics! I suppose its book 1 first then...

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