Wednesday, 3 September 2008

S282: Book2 - Chapter 8

The last chapter of the book, and it is here where we are treated to some ultimate answers, although as it turns out they are not ultimate answers. However after several chapters of "this constant might be this" and "space might be flat or might not" its nice to have something a little more solid feeling.
Anyway it discusses such topics as
  • What is of dark matter
  • What is dark energy
  • The horizon and flatness problems
  • Where did structure come from
  • Why is there matter and not antimatter
  • What happened at the big bang
  • The anthropic Universe
So actually there is no real answers - just best guesses and ideas, but its nice to know these abstract things we've been looking at may become more concrete. Anyway - that's the end of the text books.

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