Friday, 6 February 2009

S205: Book 7 - Alkenes and aromatics

Book 7 - and its more organic chemistry. This time is starts by looking at addition reactions. That is part 1 of this book, and doesn't have anything fantastically earth shattering as we've been looking at similar sort of mechanisms for a while
Part 2 goes on to look at aromatics, benzene rings and stuff like that. In particular Freidel-Craft reactions which show you ways of sticking stuff onto these rings. Its all a bit complex as there are all sorts of ways of adding stuff in depending on where you want it to add up, but by the end you can sort of see how some of the ideas of synthesis come about.
Then it is part 3, which is solely about synthesis, and ways of getting from a starting compound to where you want to end up. Its one of those topics that I can follow along, but would be completely lost if asked how you go about synthesising something new.
Finally the book ends up with a case study looking at petrochemicals and what sort of separation and other techniques are useful there.

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