Monday, 23 February 2009

S205: Book 8 - Separation, purity and Identification

Book 8 - and quite a thin one for a change. However the euphoria of that swiftly departs towards the end. Anyway, the first part is all about practical chemistry, something we don't do any of in this course, other than read about it!
We have some chapters on separation of products, by using suitable dissolving agents and the like goes with like rule. Then there is a chapter on how to find out how pure the substance you made is, and then some stuff about identifying the compound you've made.

Then, just as you think the book is about finished, we move onto IR spectroscopy and NMR. There is nothing written about this in the book, other than directions to work through a whole set of videos and computer aided learning on the accompanying DVD.

So there are a number of exercises to work through to find out what NMR and IR are telling you about things. After working through IR and getting the idea you can find some stuff out, the NMR comes as much more of a revelation as it gives you much more information in general.

Finally the book ends up with a case study on forensic science and what chemists can do to aid the search for truth.

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