Friday, 26 June 2009

S283: TMA-2

TMA 2 comes around, and there is more work to do on book 1 in this one. It has just the 4 questions.

Question 1 is about atmospheres. You have to start by discussing techniques for analysing atmospheres. This is followed up by some calculations on partial pressures and what sort of conditions could make for frozen carbon dioxide on the Earth and Mars.

Question 2 is about Keplers laws. It starts by getting you to state them, and then apply them to an asteroid. Based on this and some other data you then have to work out what sort of asteroid it is, and whether it is a potential threat to the Earth.

Question 3 is an essay! Its 600 words comparing and contrasting the atmospheres, structures and properties of Jupiter and Neptune. Well 600 words is either a lot, or not much depending on how much you have to cover. In the end, with some diagrams and tables and a couple of photos this turns into not too bad an account, but its when do you declare it finished!

Question 4 you are asked to discuss various theories of solar system formation. Based on the latest exoplanetary observations, it seems fairly clear that the current models are inadequate, but anyway to get the marks you have to describe what the books tell you.

Not too bad a TMA, and a lot better mark than the last one.

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