Sunday, 16 August 2009

S170: Darwin and Evolution

Its been a while since I did a short course, but I have 20 points of hole in my degree and this is one way to fill it.
So I signed up, and its arrived. What you get is
  • An S170 Study guide - a booklet that tells you where stuff is and how to get to it. Increasing the material is online now.
  • Help with short courses leaflet
  • The 99% Ape book - looks good - not too bad at 244 pages. Lots of colour pictures and diagrams, so looks good.
  • S170 DVD, Darwin and evolution. It includes episodes from the series Jimmy Dohery in Darwin's Garden on it.
  • Assessment handbook
As with most short courses, there is only one written assignment, but it's not yet available as the course hasn't officially opened. Anyway, onwards with it (once I've finished my other course that is - oh maybe just a peek then...)

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