Wednesday, 1 September 2010

S366: The book - part 2

The rest of the book contains the following chapters:

Section K - Genetic drift: Evolution at random
This is one of the few random bits of evolution, where mutations and other characteristics which aren;t strongly selected for settle out at random. Like blue eyes/brown eyes. Eventually they would settle out just by chance.

Section L - Natural selection and adaptation

Section M - The genetical theory of natural selection
Onto the genetics and the cellular level of natural selection.

Section N - Evolution under domestication and its relevance to the origins of natural phenotypic traits.
This is about artificial selection and what changes and traits can be preserved.

Section O - Conflict and cooperation
Symbiotic relationships, predator prey and paracitism.

Section P - Species
The rise of species.

Section Q - Speciation
Different models of how species can come about - through isolation mostly, but also through other ways such as behavioural isolation

Section R - How to be fit: reproductive success
Looking into the metric that is fitness, and how to measure it.

Section S - Coevolution: evolving interactions among species
How one species can affect another in its evolution.

Section T - Evolution and development
The whole evo/devo debate. I regret not being able to quote ontology recapitulates phylogeny in my TMA's and exam.

Section U - Macroevolution: evolution above the species level
How big changes happen - mostly small changes and lots of time.

Section V- Contemporary evolution
All about recent changes to humans, domestication and so o.n.

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