Sunday, 12 September 2010

S377: TMA-4

TMA-4  - the last one.

Question 1 - and we're back to ICAMs. This time interaction with other molecules and cells such as T-lymphocytes. It also goes into signalling with chemokines and things like that.

Question 2 - we;re into differentiation starting with embryos. This includes going through the different mechanisms and drawing a picture for asymmetric division. Then some discussion of how possible antibodies could distort the division and what its effect might be.

Question 3  looks at the enzyme G3PDH, two versions of it. One human the other lobster. First it has to be displayed with its active site visible and showing the interactions.
Then there is a list of comparisons to be done, to compare the amino acids between the two different forms, and show how much conservation there is in the structure. You also have to predict what effect changing some of the AA might do to the activity of the protein.

Question 4 and you have to write a report based on some virtual experiments. Its not quite the normal scientific paper I've come to know that they are asking for, but something similar. There are quite tight constraints on it though. Only 4 pages, a max of 800 word, max 1 table and 1-2 figures. So emphasis on conciseness.

Slightly better marks for this one - but overall lower than I'd hoped across the whole course.

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