Wednesday, 15 September 2010

S366: TMA-5

TMA 5 - the final one! Three questions - but as usual, big questions with lots of sub parts.

The first question covers quite a few basic definitions of evolution, and what causes genetic variation. You are presented with various scenarios and asked to hypothesis what is going on to give the resulting diversity. It also contains a part where a mutual relationship between plants and ants is considered, and the hybridisation of two species. Finally it finishes up with a bit on Bats and the genes that have probably changed to give them their ability with questions about these concepts.

Question 2 gives you a list of scenarios a) - k) and then a list of possible answers and asked to match them up. There is not necessarily a one to one relationship between questions and answers, and also there is the additional option of "none of the above" and you can insert your own answer into the question. Its reasonably tricky, as in some cases you could easily use more than one explanation for a given event. I got most of them right, with one or two exceptions, and some of my explanatory notes were a little off the mark.

Question 3 you are given a paper to read, in this case one about the origination of dogs in the new world. Did dogs come with the settlers that  had already been domesticated before, and then came across the bearing straits, or did they come over and domesticate wolves in the Americas? So lots of questions on the paper. Interpreting their cladograms, looking at the stats, trying to find out the conclusions and the supporting data.

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