Thursday, 10 January 2013

G+C: Module 2

The second module is all about basic cosmological stuff. There are another 4 lectures with embedded questions running to about 25 minutes in total.

It starts with some basic definitions, then discusses homogeneity and isotropy. Then some time spent on the expanding universe, and finally a quick derivation of the Friedman equations.
The questions I'm getting more use to and managing to cover OK. A few of them I have to think a little, but so far not needed pencil and paper, but that will probably change with the questions that are up coming.

So nothing I haven't seen before, but I struggled to follow the mathematical derivation - I have done it before so if necessary I think I could follow it.

So after thinking about it, I decided to tackle the questions. There were 10 multiple choice questions based on the text, and most of them were reasonably easy to answer. A few were more tricky, and I had to review material, but actually still nothing requiring pen and paper as yet.

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