Sunday, 20 January 2013

G+C: Module 3 & 4

Modules 3 & 4.

This weeks work is module 3, which is on cosmological models.

It starts by introducing the cosmological parameters, then takes us briefly through solving the various Friedman equations for different models. It then looks at the different cosmological models that arise from these, what sort of universe they predict, and what they would look like. Finally a quick introduction to distances in cosmology.

4 videos comprising 37 minutes

Module 4  is on distance scale, age of the universe and expansion
So it starts by looking at the scale of the universe, then starts with the cosmic ladder of distances, from parallax and upwards. This is followed by distance indicator relationships, and then a look at supernova standard candles. Then 3 more videos, on the HST distance project, estimating the age of the universe, and finally tests that can tell us if the universe is expanding, or light is just "tired".

So 7 videos in this section. 75 minutes in total.

This together with the module 3 videos I found quite a lot to squeeze into a week. It takes a while to get through all these and there is only so much you can take in in one go.

The quiz was a bit harder than last weeks, I had to go searching for some of the answers, another 10 questions, but I managed to get through them all eventually. Some I thought slightly imprecise, but anyway - all ok.

So onwards and upwards - next section is early universe stuff like the big bag, inflation and nucleosynthesis.

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