Wednesday, 30 January 2013

G+C: Module 5 & 6

So week 3, and this week there are some more topics introduced.

First it starts with one on Cosmological tests, how you can check what we work out. Then some tests in detail, such as the Hubble diagram, the Cosmic Microwave background (of course) and then source counts.
It wraps up nicely by look at the concordance model, where all tests are brought together to constrain various values. 54 minutes of video split across 5 topics.

The next module starts with the very early universe, talking fractions of a second after the big bang. Then some stuff of big bang nucelosynthesis, and a bit about inflation. Then more about the early universe, including recombination and reionisation.
Just 4 videos in this bit,  42 minutes, so just over an hour and a half total of videos.

The quiz was a bit harder, and I only managed 7/10 this time. One I think the question was a bit iffy, and a couple were just answers I couldn't find easily.

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