Tuesday, 17 August 2010

S377: TMA-3

It's time for TMA-3.

So 5 questions to be answered.

Question one is about endocytosis. It gives you 5 different things that are endocytosed, and asks you for the different mechanisms they use. These are IgA, transferrin, influenza virus, apoptotic cell debris and cholera toxin - so there.

Question 2 looks at the cell surface ICAM-1 in rather more detail than I ever want to again. How it is glycosylated and how it is transported about the cell, and all the key proteins it comes into contact with.

Question 3 - more on ICAM this time on its signalling system. What class of receptor it is, how it might function and its processes within the system.

Question 4 is about caspases and death domains, apoptosis and the like. I can't help thinking of death eaters from harry potter for some reason all the way through this.

Question 5 we have another paper to study, about altzeimers and untranslated regions of the mRNA. It looks in detail about mRNA regulation, and that there are mechanisms to stop the translation of mRNA into protein that can react quickly to needs. Anyway, there is a huge number of questions on this - a) to m), and several of these having i) ii) iii) subparts. There are a lot of marks on offer for this (50%). I manage to lose quite a few here though, and nto through not understanding, just being slightly out of kilter with exactly what the question is asking for. I think several of my answers are sort of right, but not what is expected. Grrr. My worst score so far.

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