Sunday, 25 July 2010

S366: TMA-3

The third TMA in this course. Three questions to answer - more conventional than TMA-2.

The first question has parts (a) - (h) and covers things from basic definitions of evolution, to matching up statements and definitions, interpreting graphs in evolutionary terms. designing experiments, working out FST numbers, molecular clocks and mutation effects. Phew! 40%

Question 2 is all about Hardy-Weinberger equilibriums and is just (a) - (f). It looks at a sample of mice in the wild and how closely it matches theoretical H-W models. 20%

Question 3 involves quite a lot of rather tedious measuring on a virtual experiment. It looks at the size of house sparrow bib markings and if they might give an advantage. (a) - (d) - some of them involving calculations, others speculating on how these markings might enhance or diminish an individuals prospects. It also looks at a variety of habitats and how this also changes the dynamics. 40%.

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