Tuesday, 20 July 2010

S377: Book 4 (The Interactive Cell)

Book 4 - the final book in the course.

It starts with a short chapter (15) on cellular interaction. Just a few pages long and a sort of introduction.

Then onto chapter 16 about Cell Migration and Adhesion. Looks at the various cell adhesion molecules, cell movement, chemotaxis and control. Also disintegrins and a few other bits and pieces.

Chapter 17 is about differentiation, how a single cell can grow into a multicellular organism. What different ways growth and differentiation is controlled, and how nerve systems and other organs develop.

Chapter 18 is the other end of the cycle so to speak. It looks at cell death, ageing and damage. It looks at a number of ways ageing may occur, and concludes it is probably multi-faceted.

Chapter 19 is the last part, and looks at tumorigenesis. This sort of brings lots of things together, becase for tumours to come about a number of the pathways and mechanisms have to fail. So some of the pathways get stuck in the on position. Some of the checks get switched off. Cells migrate away from their location spreading the tumour. They have to avoid the apoptotic signals that would otherwise kill them, become immortal and grow without limit whiles maintaining blood supply. So a lot of things have to happen to get to the final part.

So - I suppose its a good round up, but not always the sort of thing you want to read about.

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