Wednesday, 2 July 2008

S320: TMA-2

Another TMA comes around. There are only 3 in the course, but the 3rd counts double. Anyway, time to tackle this one.

Question 1 (14%) is about immunology. We have to draw a diagram with Interferon-γ in the middle of it, and around it all the things it affects and produce it. IFNγ is used a lot for signalling, and has over 20 interactions, but luckily the book doesn't list most of those, and I confine myself to those given in the book.

Question 2 (18%) we have to do a search of the literature to find a couple of papers that look at HLA haplotypes and their effect on tuberculosis.

Question 3 (8%) is about pathogen identification and asks you the steps you would take to identify a bacterial pathogen. Its rather a general question as the steps depend quite heavily on what you suspect it might be.

Question 4 (10%) is like in the last TMA where you are given two statements one true, and one that might be true, might be explained by the first, or might not. 5 sub-questions, related to worm infections, sterilisation, bacteriology, antibodies and PCR.

Question 5 (50%) you have to read a published article about dengue disease and:
(a) Comment on the general style of the article.
(b) Define a number of terms (with references) used in the article.
(c) Draw a diagram of the life cycle and intervention points of the disease.
(d) Write a 200 word summary of the article.

Its still hard to spot the marks in these TMAs and to ensure you have written enough points for the number of marks on offer, but I did ok on this one.

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