Wednesday, 16 July 2008

SXR376: Summer school day 5

Well - as today dawns we start a new set of stuff. We've now finished all the core activities, and we need to go on and look at the further experiment set. In this there are a number of topics which you can pick, although they want all areas to be cover by someone. We elect to do an experiment involving immuno-cytochemistry. This is basically about attaching antibodies to the surface of cells using some amplification to get them to show up.

There are quite a few steps, but each of them after the first few take an hour or more to wait for the incubations. So by lunch time we discover that we didn't have enough time in the rest of the day to finish the procedure, so the tray was put in the fridge and left while we did some graphs and stuff. We also took a few other readings and prepared some slides for the upcoming talk.

There was a tutorial after tea on presenting a talk, and then on dividing up the talk. After that we went to a tutorial on the ECA itself, so we'd know what to write up.

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