Saturday, 12 July 2008

SXR376: Summer school day 1

Day 1 at the summer school on "The molecular basis for human disease".

After turning up with the family (its only 10 mins from our house) and registering for the course, we walked around the campus a bit to find the lab and other things. We found the biology building and even wandered around it a bit looking at the set of various animal skeletons they had. Also found the lab I'll be calling home for the next few days.

At 4:10 we all went into the lecture theatre to learn about general things about the week. Then we split up into the three different courses (SXR374 and SXR375 are in the same building) and met up with our tutors and assistants. We went off to our lab and had briefings and lab manuals handed out and picked up lab coats and stuff like that. Then we did a bit of practice pipetting with the automatic pipettes wearing gloves and safety goggles. You can set these up to deliver various sizes and we tried dispensing droplets of water of the appropriate amounts.

Then, back to the hall for a spot of tea, and some time to ourselves until a lecture on GM crops.
This was very interesting and very well presented and we all enjoyed it with a number of question and answers going on. Then to the bar, where I got to meet a number of the people involved in the residential school informally as well as meeting up with some old, and new friends.

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