Friday, 18 July 2008

SXR376: Summer school Day 7

The last day dawns - and there are now labs. There is only the presentation to do, and it has been worked on hard, and is foremost in our minds!
We finish up the writing and last minute adjustments in the lab, and it is a work of art I have to say. Dave has put a lot of work into the formatting, but we're all a little nervous.

The fats people go first, and there is a usual mix. Some people are good, so people not so good - and some just go on too long! Then the plants people did there bit, and overan a little so there were no questions as we needed lunch. Mark remarks over lunch that he was wondering if his presentation was too short, but then decided there is no such thing as a too short presentation at this sort of event - and that is very true!

After lunch it was our turn. Again we had some good and bad bits, but the presentation did look good. By the time it got to my bit we were running behind schedule, so I spead through my slides mentioning only a few salient points.

We wrapped up, and the week was done. We got our attendance slips, collected our luggage, said our goodbyes and left. Suddenly we were back in the real world - how weird!

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