Thursday, 17 July 2008

SXR376: Summer school day 6

Its the last but one day, and the last day that we can complete our experiments.
We start by getting the tray out of the fridge and washing off antibodies, before adding more. Its quite a time consuming job to go through the procedure to get everything stuck to everything else - although of course we can't see any of this happening and are just hoping its going to come out well when we look at it under the microscope!

Anyway, when it is finally washed and incubated in all the different solutions, we have to extract the cell coated cover slips from the wells we've been using. This is no mean feat, with them being almost invisible and fearsomely difficult to get out of these wells.

Then they are mounted on the slide and we take them over to the microscope to see what we've got. Has the two days spent washing and dousing these cells with various chemicals been worth while or not. At least there is a clear brown hue on the ones we want - the positive controls and the ones dosed with the ligand. They look rather similar though by eye!
Time to have a look.

Positive control, negative control, and experimental data.
Its difficult to say if the experiment worked, and it takes a while with the tutors to understand what we are actually seeing. Anyway, we have some data for the presentation at least.

The rest of the afternoon we spend on the presentation and doing some practising in the lecture theatre. The time for tea, and no tutorials tonight. there is a disco, but I decide with a few others to give it a miss, and we have a good time in the bar going over the weeks events! Now its just the final presentation to finish and then present and we're done!

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