Monday, 14 July 2008

SXR376: Summer school day 3

Its day three already, and we continue on with the gel stuff. SDS-PAGE is harder than it seems to do the first time - but luckily enough has been salvaged from the first day to make progress.

The gels were run and blotted overnight by the tutors after our small disaster and we actually got some reasonable results. We managed to get all the stuff off the gel, and then stained it for what was left and despite it tearing a little, we actually got something recogniseable.

Then we set to work on the blotted paper to see if we could use antibodies to pick up CCR5 and CD4 on them, and after a while we got that too! It takes a lot of washes and other stuff to get there but we could see bands in it.

What's more they almost make sense.

At the same time as all this was going on, we made up an ELISA dish with a number of standard protein concentrations and also put in our three cell lines at different dilutions and then after adding all the reagents, popped it into a machine which produced a set of results, in seconds!

After this, there was much plotting of graphs and interpolation to try and find out what we had got. Then it stopped for tea.
After tea we had two more tutorials, one on HIV infection methods and its life cycle, and the 2nd on how to read a science paper - which went rather quickly as we were all too tired to do much with the material we were suppose to be interacting with.
And so to the bar...

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