Tuesday, 6 July 2010

S377: Book 3 - The Dynamic Cell (Vol 2)

Book 3 which is confusingly entitled The Dynamic Cell - Volume 2 carries on from the previous book.
There are just three chapters in this, although some of them are pretty big.

Cpater 12 Transport and Compartmentalization: It starts with a chapter on transport and compartmentalisation. This covers how the cell moves stuff around, how signal in the code are recognised as labels to send the packages to the correct destination. It also looks at hte transport network, which moves these vesicles around. It covers endocytosis (bringing stuff into the cell) and exocytosis - the opposite. 64 pages in this chapter!

Chapter 13 Signal Transduction: The next chapter is about signal transduction. How signal are recognised on the cell surface and how they trigger cascades. Also some words on the different receptors and ligands that are in common usage.

Chapter 14 Cell Death: The final chapter is on the subject of cell death. All cells have the ability to commit suicide, either on command or if they detect things are going wrong. So this chapter covers some of the mechanisms that trigger these events.

So 180 pages or so in this book.  Some of it is pretty heavy going, but interesting.

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