Friday, 23 July 2010

SXR270 Tutor - Day 6

Day 6, and breakfast starts again - 2 sausage and two types of egg. I think that's all the variations tried now.

To the lab - theme 2, energy. We start with the Manduca caterpillar. I'm in charge of the microscope section - having to brief on those. Not too bad - I know how to use a microscope more or less, but then so do the students by this time of the week. I also help with the ion transport experiment as things come back to me.

It goes not too badly, we get some results - which is about par for this experiment.

Lunch then - I settle for sandwich and a big slice of walnut cake.

In the afternoon its the oxygen electrode again! I had a run in with this during plants week. Luckily they are almost the same as I am asked to show the students how to calibrate them. I surprise myself by remembering most of the steps. They can be tricky, but I manage to get through it without too many hitches. Then its into the experiment. There are one or two people waving cyanide filled micro-pipettes around which makes me slightly nervous. However its all pretty successful, despite one or two machines breaking down.

Then - leaving the students to think about an experiment to do tomorrow, we go back for tea (salmon and lemon meringue) and I dash down the hill for a lecture on black holes, although I struggle to stay away all the way through.

Now back to the room, and a shower. Then some vague attempt at initial packing.

Now then, bar then disco? Probably.

So - yes - I went to the disco, yes I danced like someone undergoing electro shock treatment, yes there will probably be an inquiry, and yes there is evidence.... unless I pay

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