Tuesday, 20 July 2010

SXR270 Tutor - Day 4

Breakfast, two sausages, eggs and tomato.

Then off to the lab once more. Today a new theme, which starts with a glucose assay. However two students had forgotten lab coats so I had to run around and find them ones to borrow to start with. All part of the service. The students have to make up 42 different tubes of assay samples - so there is a lot of pipetting going on. The glucose turns a shade of pink - depending on how much there is present.

The group gets some very accurate graphs - not down to my influence I hasten to add. Then its a break for lunch, and a chance to stock up on chocolate. I had the steak, and got 3 bars of chocolate.

After lunch we went on to metabolic rates, where you have to analyse expired air collected in a huge bag thing - called a Douglas bag.

There is a chance to design your own experiments here, and some tried the effect of different exercises, others the effect of hot and cold. Seeing them wrapped in blankets with only noses poking out, or sitting in front of 5 fans was amusing to say the least.

Then to tea - the korma again for me, though it could have been anything I think. The apple pie was nice though. Not that I really need any more food at this point.

Now another set of tutorials to sort out, before the evening finishes, and a "blue parrot soiree" invite for tutors. Slightly nervous!
Well the tutorials went ok I think, I'll have to see. Then some cokes, yes I said cokes, in the bar, as I think I hit the wall on this marathon.

Then to the blue parrot thing - which turned out to be a VERY blue cocktail, looking rather too much like anti-freeze for my tastes, and with a fearsome reputation. Anyway - chatted with a few of the tutors, nibbled some cheese, and then eventually retired.

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