Wednesday, 7 July 2010

S377: TMA-2

So TMA-2 of the course. Five questions.

The first one is about mitosis, and the anaphase part. You have to draw a diagram of a cell on the verge of splitting its chromosomes. Then talk about the proteins involved in the separation and the conditions required to bring about the separatation. Then a bit to answer on what happens if any of the mechanisms fail.

The next question is about DNA replication and how it happens, what speed it goes at and how it differs between eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Also a classic experiment on the process is investigated to explain how it works.

Question 3 is about transcription. It considers the TATA box, and how transcription factors are involved. Then the epigenetic DNA modifications and how they are preserved.

Question 4 you have to investigate a zinc finger transcription factor and look into the structure of it. How the metal ions are held, and how it interacts with the DNA molecule. Finally you have to show part of the model with some parts highlighted in colour and labelled.

Question 5 you have a paper about a membrane bound protein, and there are a whole load of questions on it. Some is stuff from the course, other is data from the paper. There are a lot of questions, and I found it easy to get out of step answering a little too much in a) and then not including some of the data in b) so losing marks.

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